About Us

Solomous is a specialist web development company delivering unique projects and custom solutions.

Solomous builds both small and large-scale websites and can take care of every aspect of the project.

The Solomous team is agile, focussed, and efficient, delivering better results at lower cost, with unique skill-sets in advanced web technology, SEO, website portals and directories.

Our Team


IT Manager

Sheldon is a web application & website development specialist with hands-on creative, technical and management skills. Sheldon has a BSC in Computer Science from the University of NSW.


Sys Admin

Chris takes care of our servers, email, domains, deployments are more.

Chris has been working with Solomous for 3 years, has a BSC in Physics.


Content and Copy-writing

Kathleen creates great content and copyrighting for our clients.

Kathleen has a BA at SCU.



Adrian is expert programmer and system designer. He has a passion for Ruby on Rails.

Adrian has a Masters in Software Development and Technology.



Janis is a talented artist who creates clean designs and appeal to the widest audience.



Marina is a professional accountant and is reponsible for company accounts and payroll.