Atlantis Ecological Golf Course System

Sustainable, Efficient, Low Maintenance Golf Course System 
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The Atlantis Ecological Golf Course System
If it was possible to replace the aggregate drainage layers with another material providing the same drainage capability (at a vastly reduced volume), it would be possible to build a golf course on as little as 250-300 mm of imported soil. The Atlantis Drainage Cell System can provide just that. The successful Atlantis Ecological Golf Course System provides golf courses with a sustainable, efficient and low maintenance drainage system that maintains playing surface quality of the while managing potential environmental impacts.

Products include:
Atlantis Turf Cell: High density grid structure designed to reinforce and stabilize turf grass.
Atlantis Gravel Cell: Heavy load-bearing support and containment of gravel, creating a porous pavement surface.
Atlantis Channel System: Based on permeable subsurface waterways that recharge the ground water table with clean water. Much more information at Atlantis website link above.

Recent Installations:
Woollhara Golf Course
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Mount Panorama, Bathurst
State Hockey Centre, VIC
Sydney Aquarium

Victoria address:
30 Venture Drive, Sunshine, VIC 3020
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